Monday, 6 June 2016

Adria Downs and Big Red

Today Graeme and his parents drove out to Adria Downs to see one of the camps on their land and have a chat in general.  They ended up passing the owner on the way there so they had their chat on the road so to speak and then continued on a tour via the Eyre Creek bypass track, Big Red and back to Birdsville.  On the way they’ve seen quite a few people taking the short cut across the desert to participate in the Finke Desert Race in a week’s time.

This was the first time David and Margaret have been out to Big Red so they were all impressed and had a great day though. No photos were taken though!!

The funny story from Graeme today involves underwear. It goes without saying that he has only taken a few pairs and given this was a Monday he decided it was undie changing day. Find the clean pair, the towel and off to the shower. Getting dressed, both legs in and attempts to pull them up. Nup. They aren’t going to go over the knees. What’s going on? Tries again and then takes them off to look. They’re not his, they’re Nathan’s the 10 year olds undies.  The kids have been laughing about this for the last 2 hours.   

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